it's been a hard clay's night

29 March 2009

Good Day Sunshine

I need to get back to doing more like this. I've been working a lot with the translucent for its own purposes. But now I see that I need to up the translucence on pure colors. These seem way more striking than the last batch. I need to bring back the mega color. Spectrum baby. Yes, this is what must happen. The patchwork in the front candle was constructed solely for the use on a candle. All colors but black had been compounded with translucent for maximum glow power. IMHO, this is a roaring success.

20 March 2009

The Long and Winding Road

So. this poor blog has been on a slight hiatus. My paternal granny passed and with that, a flurry of activity both related and unrelated to family occurred to pass the time. Then I caught a nasty cold. THEN for a few days around St. Pat's I was OK, but then the next day, felled by some stomach bug. Boooooo. So now, as I mend, I offer a shot of a tiny gift box found at Granny's house. Its a basic cardboard craft box with lid. covered in clay and embellished with tiny mirrors. Interior bottom is lined in a glittery black felt. And the exterior bottom is lined in a plain black felt. Entire size is a 1 3/4" square by 1 inch high. Piece is at least 4 -5 years old. I barely remember making it, it was one of about 5? that were crafted in a similar style. I'll definitely get back to production on a similar type. There are octagons, ovals, and in wooden, hinged styles? Many more types! I'm glad I found this on the shelf. God knows if it would have been saved!