it's been a hard clay's night

26 September 2012

She Said She Said

When I first started this blog, it was quite fittingly themed in Beatles song titles. A few months in, I had a paranoid delusion of reaping trouble from it and changed them all into titles much more benign. And then I lost interest, what with not really creating anything to blog about. Time passed. Then even more time passed.
But it's time to refresh and renew, and I re-present the blog, complete with original Beatles titles. It has a mobile version now, and it will be an all purpose artly blog. Truthfully, the clay thing is on the verge of invigoration as we speak. The new studio is almost in complete working order.
Soon, I'll photograph the granny squares I've been working on. Is it weird that I only want to crochet or knit once a chill has hit the air?

Lady Madonna

As we plunge forward into making this blog as much about life as it is about clay, I offer the very latest in output. This is a reinterpretation of a Chieftains album cover, San Patricios. It was a gift commissioned by my Dad, for my Mom. It is particularly meaningful, as I come from the lineage depicted, Irish (soldier) and Mexican (Our Lady). Acrylic on canvas - 2012
did you think that money was heaven sent?