it's been a hard clay's night

27 May 2009

Hello Goodbye

See how different the globe can look?! Unlit version is strikingly opposite of the lit version. This is two views of the same side of this candle. If you click the image to enlarge, you can see that this is so. This is not my favorite example of the difference between, but it is an example of the deeper layers only showing through the translucent when backlit. I was trying to achieve a latticed look; I partly succeeded...

24 May 2009

Yer Blues

This bracelet was made specifically for Elisabeth, even though the blue beads themselves were crafted sometime ago. Definitely while living in the last apartment. So at LEAST 5 years old. Some are striped, some are millefiori, and some are the scraps of both all mashed up. The red ones are ceramic or some other type of glazed clay. Love the COLOR!!! It was promised as part of a Facebook, pay-it-forward type thing. And I fittingly was able to give it to her on the day after her birthday AT an Old 97's show. She said they were her favorite colors together and that she'd wear it all the time. That's all I would ever want to hear!

11 May 2009

Come Together

These are the makings of the bridesmaid's bracelets I did for L's wedding. I custom matched them to our dress colors. We all wore the same dress in different shades, and the copper was our shoe color. We looked like sherbet, and for a June wedding, how could we go wrong?