it's been a hard clay's night

23 April 2009

For No One

I really like this one; (I am pretty sure it's a keeper) it's an amalgam of the grid colors, and then, having run out, used the leftover scrap to make up the difference. Thankfully the scrap was not over mixed or marbled up and still had plenty of translucence. This is one of the few that looks mostly the same, whether lit or not. The nice thing was that there was JUST enough of the scrap to make it symmetrical. The scrap pattern runs along the bottom, although its very hard to see in these photos.

06 April 2009

Within You, Without You (Reprise)

So I had to make another box for my friend, the old green one had finally met its functional end.
RIP green one

The new one was requested in orange and black. He has yet to receive it, but here it is for everyone else.

And I carved out a little logo-ness, because I have yet to construct the cane that might contain it. But its backfilled for maximum contrast. And its soooooooo cute ;)

here are some others that materialized later that same week !!