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18 June 2014

Helter Skelter

Normally I would wait til AFTER a show to write a post, but it's been so long, I figured it didn't matter.
Plus, there's a new album out, and I have been enjoying it for approximately 58 days. It is the first thing I play IN ITS ENTIRETY before playing any other music options.
The title is 'Most Messed Up' and that is pretty much the theme for all of the songs.

Overindulgence, living the road life, mid-life issues maybe only a rock star knows, trying to keep it real and possibly failing...complicated human entanglings. A juicy, F-bomb laden, rambunctious journey through Rhett's less restrained, and perhaps somewhat evil alter-ego. Parental advisory! Explicit language! Drinking & cussing!
Others are calling it a return to form. I am not sure I would say that. Go on call me biased, its not like I am obsessed or anything. (I prefer the term 'highly focused'.)
I say that because I don't think their overall sound has strayed terribly far from the early work; that is to say, something from the first album is not going to be unrecognizable as their own. I will say that their sound has smoothed into something more pop than not, I guess. And this album as a whole was crafted with a thematic concept in mind, which I don't think was consciously attempted thus far.

The standout track for me is 'Guadalajara', a jangly, surf guitar party song about a holiday liaison. Rhett has mastered the skill of telling a sad story (about a girl who gets the guy for an overnighter and that's IT, 'cause he's outta there) while simultaneously compelling us to sing/dance joyfully as it happens. Ken's electric howls over the beginning and bridge, making for excellent ringtones. Mwahahahaaaaa, technology!
I can't wait to physically hold this album.
Another finely produced collection courtesy of Salim Nourallah, the alchemist behind the board.
I thank you again, gentlemen.
I will see you in the front row, she's coming down fast! Yes, she is. Yes. She is.

The album is still streaming here, take advantage!

I am almost done with my granny square afghan!!!!!!!!!!!


mijo said...

nicely handled review/preview annie ooh la la/

*annie* said...

Thank you! More to come after this weekend's music bender!